Citizens of States Where Marijuana Is Legal Have A 25 Percent Lower Chance Of Death From Pharmaceutical Drugs

A recent report published in the respected medical journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, has revealed surprising benefits about the use of marijuana. States that have legalized cannabis use report seeing a downward  trend of deaths caused by overdosing on pharmaceutical painkillers. The decrease is instantly noticeable when compared to states where cannabis use is still illegal.

There are many reasons as to why this is, but one of the most compelling has to due with most Americans unfortunate disregarding of the potentially deadly effects of pharmaceutical drugs when taken in too great a number.

Americans who hold to outdated myths and perceptions about the supposed danger of cannabis use have to face facts – pharmaceutical drugs abuse is a far more troublesome issue.

Read the full story here: Pharmaceutical painkiller deaths drop 25% in states with medical marijuana according to study

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