Saying “Ow” Is Likely To Alleviate Pain By As Much As 20%

Researchers have recently come up with a way to alleviate pain’s effects, and it’s far easier than you think!

We’ve all heard the power of speaking aloud. We wrote in a previous post about how simply verbalizing that you’re “done” with a task at work, has mood lifting attributes. On a similar note, simply by saying “ow” when pain occurs appears to lessen the effect of the pain by as much as 20 percent!

The reason for this is largely psychological. Research conducted showed that doctors who spoke with their patients during a procedure where the patient was likely to feel some pain also decreased the likelihood that this patient would feel the same level of pain.

So next time you stub a toe or trip and fall, saying “ow” might be a good idea.

Read the full story here: Saying ‘ow’ can lessen pain’s punch

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