Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (Golden Concentrate FST)

Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (Golden Concentrate FST)

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Full spectrum kratom tinctures are the most potent incense extract available for purchase. Not to mention, that our golden concentrate kratom extract is refined several times for maximum alkaloid concentration and very little residual sediment. It takes a whopping 225 grams of kratom leaf to make just 2 ml of golden concentrate, making it hands down the best kratom tincture on the market.

Advantages of Golden Concentrate Full Spectrum Kratom Extract

    • Very easy to use

    • Fast acting

Many Sizes of Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts To Choose From

    • 2 ml

    • 6 ml

    • 10 ml

    • 20 ml

    • 30 ml

    • 100 ml

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